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mogmaner Offline


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10.01.2015 11:42
new member Zitat · antworten

Just got round to joining after reading the forum for a year or more my interest is German trucks and vintage radios currently I have a 1958 in I not 404s and a 1963 munga 4 .I have put some pics in the gallery

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10.01.2015 12:20
#2 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

Welcome and have fun with the old German classic cars.
I think the Munga is a car from the Dutch army.
For my international Munga register of still existing vehicles, please tell me the FIN, the chassis number.
Thanks in advance.

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10.01.2015 12:25
#3 RE: new member Zitat · antworten


I se, you have a "Dieselmunga" .

Engine from VW???????

Watschel Offline


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10.01.2015 14:26
#4 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

Ist ein Dreizylinder,würde auf einen Kubota oder ähnliches tippen.


mogmaner Offline


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10.01.2015 14:33
#5 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

Thanks for the welcome ,will look up see no when I get time . The munga is I believe ex dutch built in 1963 .I have fitted German switches to replace the missing ones to match munga yoused by British forces .THe engine fitted is a modified YANMAR unit of 780 cc fitted with a small turbo ,giving a road speed of 98 kph on the govern at 40 mpg .

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10.01.2015 15:10
#6 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

My Mk 1 convention was a d950 Kubota ,that proved it could work ,The weight and size closely match the DKW engine .The yanmar is more powerfull yet smaller witch will sit with modern traffic ,so far I have done about 3000 km with no problems.

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10.01.2015 17:10
#7 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

Hello, welcome here in this great forum!
I 'm interested in the old military radios.
Look here:

Please upper left to enter my callsign DG2SBW

Greetings from Southern Germany

Wenn du bemerkst dass du ein totes Pferd reitest, steig ab!

mogmaner Offline


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10.01.2015 18:14
#8 RE: new member Zitat · antworten

Thanks for the greetings ,my radio are mainly milatry from the 40s through to modern clansman sets ,hoping to install my sem35 once I find the last cable between the cradle and battery pack will also be fitting a seg15d or clansman 321\320 to give HF capabilities my call sine is G1DNZ .will see if I can post one of my display pics all the best Graham.

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